Ted Cowell Research Paper

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Theodore Robert Cowell was born on November 24, 1946 to Louise Cowell. Ted’s biological father, who was in the Air Force, was unknown to him throughout his life. He grew up thinking that his grandparent where his real parents ad his biological mother was his older sister once him and his mother moved back to Philadelphia with them. At age four Ted and his mother moved to Washington to live with some relatives, his mother would never had imagine what was about to happen with her son as he will start to grow. As a youth Ted was terribly shy to the public and in school, he was often teased by his fellow student in his junior high school. All this change all of a sudden during his high school years he became popular and was known as well dress and exceptionally well manner. he finish school and went off to collage at a university in Washington. He was very focused on his grades and studies. Yet his focus changed during the spring of 1967 when he began a relationship that would forever change his life. In 1968 after his girlfriend graduated from the University of Washington she broke up with him, it seem to her that he was just not husband material. Ted never recover the brake up even though he started to date later on. An obsession…show more content…
He became obsessed with all this young women that looked like his ex-girlfriend. all of them had many thing in comment with his old girlfriend. For example there was the long straighten hair and beautiful young ladies. he would go and stalk many of them in the school property , he would rape the and murder after wards. he was on the run for many years until one of his victims reported to the police officers and they capture him , but it was amazing that they taught he was the wrong person and let him loose what a huge mistake they made with out knowing he was the serial killer they been looking for. once he became free man again he stiked again many
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