Atticus Courageous

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To Kill a Mockingbird In 1932, there were a lot of courageous people lived in Maycomb. Atticus, who was a lawyer, received nuts from a poor farmer. He was also a good father of two children. Scout was a 6 year old daughter of Atticus, who was a tomboy. She always got into fight and read with his father. She was also the narrator of the movie. Jem was a 12 year old son of Atticus, who thought his father didn’t do well at the beginning, but he considered his father was a hero at last. The Atticus’s family had a strange neighbor who named Boo Radley, he did not come out his house for 15 years, but he was a kind man and he did not want to hurt anybody. There was a black man, who was accused of raped a white woman, named Tom Robinson, but he…show more content…
In a night, Atticus sat on a chair in front of jail where Tom was staying and read a book. At that time, a group of people came with weapons and wanted to kill Atticus and Tom. When Atticus hardly could stop them, children crossed those people and stand between Atticus and that group of people. Everybody didn’t speaking anything, and Scout said to Walter Cunningham, who was a poor farmer and couldn’t pay for the rent, that she always said hello to his son, and often invited his son to her house for dinner, moreover, her family helped Walter a lot. Scout put herself in a serious situation, because she faced many people who were angry, violent and strong, they might harm both of her and her family. In this situation, Scout was not afraid at all. After Scout’s family knew Boo killed Bob just because he wanted to save Scout and Jem, Scout requested people to let Boo went back home and she wanted to make a friend with Boo. It was very dangerous in fact, because Boo was a killer, even the reason was protecting the children. He probably would kill other people if he went back home and it was very brave to make a friend with a killer. However, Scout did it and she thought that if people killed Boo, it was like people killed a mockingbird, then people realized they should let Boo to go back
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