Racial Prejudice In Sherman Alexie's Article 'Indian Education'

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Jovi Ann Varquez Professor Flores English 1302 16 Sept. Racial Prejudice Along with the progress of this country came cultural diversity and discrimination. Different issues on opposing beliefs and traditions have come up, but most issues on superiority of race and color. Sherman Alexie, one of the greatest Native American writers, never let discrimination get the better of him. Instead he used literature as his way of inspiring others to fight against stereotypes as is evident in his article “Indian Education.” The article is a narration of brief encounters or memories of an Indian boy, from first to twelfth grade, depicting how he struggled to succeed despite stereotypes. I had a typical educational experience in contrast to Alexie’s article. Sherman Alexie, born in 1966, was of Coeur d’Alene/Spokane Indian descent. He was raised on the Spokane…show more content…
It started with Victor’s encounter with other Indian boys bullying him because of his too short hair and horn-rimmed, ugly glasses. Victor was constantly bullied until one day he fought back. Bullying wasn’t contained to his fellow classmates; one teacher, Betty Towle, was impartial to him because he was Indian. He was given a test designed for junior high students and was punished for answering everything right. In the fourth grade, Victor’s father started drinking. In the fifth grade, he made his first basketball shot and felt good about himself while his cousin wasted himself by sniffing rubber cement and felt a different high. In his ninth grade, Victor collapsed after playing a basketball game, and his Mexican teacher unfairly judged him as a drunk just because he was Indian. In the eleventh grade, his team had the chance to play against the best team of the state but unfortunately they lost. Instead of commending their team for reaching that far, they were pulled down and their defeat was

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