Reflection---Steamboat Bill, Jr.

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Reflection --Steamboat Bill, Jr. In the late ‘20s, when talking pictures replaced the silent film, the silent film was not popular anymore. But it’s amazing that the silent film Steamboat Bill, Jr. still popular nowadays. It’s really a funny film I’ve never seen before. Even if there is no subtitle I can still understand what the film talking about. Now I am going to talk about the plot of the Steamboat Bill, Jr. William Canfield Sr. is the owner of the unpopular steamboat. He is waiting for his college-educated son (William Canfield Jr.) who he (William Canfield Sr.) has never seen since he (William Canfield Jr.) was a baby. He hoped that his son is the stronger man that can help him to compete with his competitor John James King, who is the owner of the King’s steamboat, which boat is brand new and more comfortable. But when he saw his son he felt disappointed because his son looks thin and weak. What’s more, William Canfield Jr. has the pencil moustache it makes him turns disappointed to angry. And the screen jump to the barbershop. In the barbershop Junior met the King’s daughter Kitty and fall in love with her. She took him to meet his father, but Sr. felt angry, because his son falls in love with his competitor’s John James King’s daughter. The Sr. took the Jr. to the hat shop to buy the hat, this screen shows that the different wearing style for different ages. Sr. prefer the hat that is classic. But Jr. prefers more leisure hat, like cap. One day, Kitty gave a note to Junior, and asked him to come out when turns dark. And on that night John James King told to his daughter, “I will pick the young man for you – and it won’t be the son of a river tramp.” Sr. told to his son that “I will pick the young lady for you – and

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