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Dee Williams Seminar II 9/7/2011 Fists in the Pocket Response Marco Bellocchio made an Italian masterpiece in 1965 called Fists in the Pocket. A movie that bravely foreshadowed the student revolution with an edgy story line that borders between a tragic drama and horror. When the movie released, it raised hell during the quiet mid-sixties cinema world of neorealism because of its radical and grotesque sarcastic laugh at modern societies values. The main character, Alessandro, is tormented by deep twisted desires to destroy his handicapped and dysfunctional lower middle class family because of its inability to fit into modern society. His annihilating rage and subtle hints of sexual relations with his sister is at first viewed as…show more content…
In the beginning of the film, the family seems to have the ability to function in an ordinary middle-class society. Towards the climax, one notices that the family can not function because the mother is blind and still morning over her husbands death which allows her the excuse of not being a parental figure to her children. Augusto decides the he has to take on the noble responsibility of a care giver instead of simply running off and fulfilling his dreams. He is the character that is most relatable because most of modern society has a family member who takes charge in the event of a death. Alessandro feels for his eldest brother and decides to solve all his problems by planning a collective suicide of all the family members including himself. He is a mad epileptic, but evokes the audience into caring about him. Even though he obviously is suicidal and has an extreme case of depression, Alessandro takes on the families guilt of not being able to fit into norm. The youngest son, Leone, is stuck in a childish paradox because of the lack of parental attention. He represents the typical attention starved youngest child in a family. In one of the scenes, he steals spoonfuls of sugar from the sugar bowl until told not to by other members in the families kitchen. As immature as they come, he is looked down upon by his older brothers and is often criticized…show more content…
There were many youth groups that rebelled against the family traditions during these times and wanted to change the way of life for the middle-class citizen. The characters in the film seem to try to accomplish change in their own unique way. Alessandro’s character is not ones ideal hero in this narrative film, but he is not a definite villain either. He lies somewhere in between. More of an antihero who is bound to help his brother find happiness because he is the only one capable of

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