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AD In every magazine you read, from the Times to National Geographic; they are all filled with tons of advertisements all uniquely designed to grab the specific readers attention. In Jib Fowles article, “The 15 Basic Appeals of Advertising” he explains the different appeals that advertisers use to sell their products. In Burberry’s ad for Body perfume they attract the attention of consumers with the need for sex, prominence, and attention. Fowles say that the need for sex is used the least often out of all fifteen appeals; however, that doesn’t stop BURBERRY from using it. They take the beautiful star from Transformers Dark of the Moon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and have her sit completely naked except for a tan overcoat that doesn’t quite cover up her long smooth legs. Her hair is messed up giving off a look of what Kari called “sex hair” which makes her all the more seductive to the reader. They portray her in a sexy way while keeping in classy and not offending the reader. Burberry creates a picture in the readers mind that if they wear this perfume they can look like her. Here we have Rosie who is a beautiful actress that all men desire, by using her in their ad Burberry is saying that if you wear this perfume you will be equal to Rosie. Ann, a business woman said that she “really likes the way Rosie is…show more content…
Burberry does a great job in using this need for attention in their ad. By not only using Rosie yet again to create a goddess of a woman who stands out but also at the bottom of the ad the words “The new fragrance for women” are written. These word draw in the woman consumer because what she has at home is out of date this new perfume will make her “hip”. Kallie a high schooler says that she would buy it just because it is advertised by Rosie. Burberry fills in the the need for attention by offering this product which will help you to

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