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Smarthinking's E-structor Response Form (Your marked-up essay is below this form.) HOW THIS WORKS: Your e-structor has written overview comments about your essay in the form below. Your e-structor has also embedded comments [in bold and in brackets] throughout your essay. Thank you for choosing Smarthinking's OWL; best wishes with revising your paper! *Strengths of the essay: Hello Mariam. My name is Sinila G, your tutor for the day. In the conclusion you have stated, “Logos is used to show why the viewers should trust CoverGirl products. Ethos convinces the viewers to buy CoverGirl product by using a well-known actress and model named Queen Latifah to advertise their product. Pathos shows how the product is satisfying Queen Latifah by her emotions in the ad. The advertisement show how satisfying and trustworthy CoverGirl product really is.” You summarize the essay and also portray to the readers the relevance of the advertisement to you as it has clarified your thoughts. It also leaves a lasting impression in the readers’ minds. Good job! *Mariam 5339696 has requested that you respond to the Main Idea/Thesis: Let me help you develop the thesis of your essay so that it provides a better preview to the readers. You have mentioned, “The advertisement effectively uses logos, ethos, and pathosto convince the viewers to buy CoverGirl products.” How would you polish your thesis statement to complete it and make it stronger? The topic of the essay is ‘CoverGirl’. How would you mention what is CoverGirl in your thesis statement? How would you mention in the thesis statement the various points that portray the logical appeal, appeal to the authority, and the appeal to the audiences’ emotions that has been conveyed in the advertisement persuading the customers to buy their products? Remember a complete thesis forms a proper guide to the body of your essay. It

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