Glamorous Advertising: Appeals Advertised in Glamour Magazine

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Brianda Sanchez ENG 101 M-W 10:00-11:45 Glamorous Advertising: Appeals Advertised in Glamour Magazine Advertising is defined as the act or practice of calling attention to one’s product, service, or need. Jib Fowles fifteen basic appeals of advertising are used by advertisers in print media to attract attention from consumers to their product. Analysis of the ads in Glamour, a fashion and beauty magazine, proves that Fowles is accurate when he asserts that advertisers stimulate our subconscious needs to sell their products and it appears that Glamour uses Fowles 15 basic advertising appeals to play to consumers emotional subconscious needs. Jib Fowles argues, in the article “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” that advertisers have the best chance of affecting communication and attracting attention when they play to people’s emotions. The fifteen basic emotional appeals that Fowles describes stem from Henry Murray’s motives in Explorations in Personality. Analyzing advertisements for these fifteen appeals can be done by viewing the ad in an informative angle. It also helps to ignore the product information and to know who the target audience is. The greater the number of people analyzing the ad provides differing biases and helps discern the essential emotional appeal. Glamour magazine’s target audience is mostly women. To be more accurate, 95% of readers are female. These women range in age from 18 to 49. This makes sense since most of the magazine covers topics related to fashion and beauty. More than half of Glamour’s readers are employed and have pursued higher education after high school. Also, almost half are married and have at least one child in the household. To please their audience, Glamour also includes tips and advice when dealing with a significant other. However, there aren’t many, if any, articles that discuss topics relating to children or

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