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Maybelline B.B. Cream “The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” Girls use make-up to enhance our beauty and to hide our flaws. This is why one of the biggest make-up companies in the world is Maybelline Cosmetics. Maybelline New York has been supplying different types of make-up around the world since 1915 and now they have a brand new product called Dream Fresh BB Cream. This cream is an 8-in-1 skin perfector! It promises to blur imperfections, brighten, even skin tone, smooth, hydrate, enhance, protect with SPF 30, and have 0% oils and heavy ingredients for instant skin wow! This ad has already drawn the reader in with its promise of skin perfection, and the fact that it shows a beautiful model implies that the reader will look just like her. Stuart Hirschberg states in his article “The Rhetoric of Advertising” that ads try to encourage the audience to discover meanings and to correlate feelings and attributes that the advertiser wishes the product to represent in ways that allow these needs and desires to become attached to specific products. The Maybelline B.B. Cream ad does a good job of this by using visual and emotional appeal and alluring promises to generate interest in potential buyers. For instance, this ad was designed to look very sophisticated. It was arranged to show the BB cream first, the list of what it does second, and lastly, the big picture of the model to show how the reader will end up looking once you use it. The designer of this ad really wanted to get straight to the point. That this is the product and this is how the reader will look. The visual and written elements are arranged to “establish the superiority of the product in the minds of the audience and to create a distinctive image for the product” (Hirschberg 228). The ad states that this cream is a 1-step wonder for a good

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