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INSTRUCTION: Answer the question given. Note: The continuous assessment for this subject is the Marketing Plan Report on small company of each student’s choice. The report is broken into two (2) assignments i.e. Assignment 1 (30%) and Assignment 2 (30%). Below is the first part of your Marketing Plan Report: QUESTION 1 You have to submit the first part of your Marketing Plan Report that covers among other things: 1. Situation Analyses, this will include: a) Situational environments (such as demand trends for your product/service; your customers; the decision makers; social and cultural factors involved; are demographic important here; state-of-art technology effects; politics and economic effects). b) Neutral environments, this has to do with groups or organizations. Media reports (favourable or unfavourable), consumer associations, and legislations. How do they have effect (if any) on your marketing plan for your product? c) Competitor environments, describing your main competitors, the products they offer, their plans, experiences, and strengths and weaknesses. d) Company environments, describing your situation in your company or company-to-be and the resources that you have available. 2. The target market. This is the next major section of your marketing plan. It should describe exactly who your customers and what, where, when, how, how much, and how frequently they buy. In this case you have to define your target market in terms of: a) Demographic b) Geographic or location c) Psychographics (i.e. how they think) d) Lifestyle 3. Problems and Opportunities. This is really a summary that emphasizes the main points you have already covered in the (1) and (2). [100 marks] END OF QUESTION RESTAURANT & CAFÉ BLISS33 Executive Summary Restaurant & Café Bliss33 (Bliss33) will be the leading local cuisine located in the

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