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Running head: SWOTT ANALYSIS PAPER AND TABLE SWOTT Analysis Paper and Table Students Name Here University of Phoenix Bus-475 James T. Sternieri SWOTT Analysis Paper and Table Scents & Things is therapies for relaxation, a store that provides customers with the tools and techniques needed for at home relaxation therapy. The stores provide a large range of products including at home salon services such as cellulite, cosmetic treatments, and reflexology, candles, aromatherapy, and perfume kits. All the products focus on achievement of obtaining a healthy balance of mind, spirit and body. With the applying of these products consumers who experience the feeling of being stressed from everyday life, including their busy jobs, and personal activities find the healthy balance and attain complete relaxation. This paper will describe how a company conducts a SWOTT analysis. The internal and external analysis of Scents & Things in relation to the organizations forces and trends such as; Economic, Technological, Strategy, Legal/Regulatory, Innovation, Structure, Resources, and Culture. This paper will also classify one primary strength, weakness, opportunity, threat and trend if possible for each of the factors. Following the end of this paper, a SWOTT Analysis Table will sum up the findings of the forces and factors relative to Scents & Things. SWOTT Analysis For Scents & Things to perform a SWOTT Analysis, the company has to answer the following questions about the company’s strengths; the advantages, resources, strengths in the market, and what does the organization do better than the competition. When the organization reviews its strengths this should be done from an internal and external perspective, assessing the customer’s views and incorporating the competitions. Once the strengths are found for the

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