D.a Garden Supplies

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As after discussion on the case study it is been noticed that there is drop of sales in the business in last 3 years. Proposal for D.A Garden supply is as follows:- Market research is always beneficial in the business. In this case study we need to find out which business is beneficial café business or Garden supplies. Both must be considered on the base of demand side and market value.to check with the sales.There is following elements needed to be considered:- 1. Demand of services and products in the market. 2. Target market of the business and how it can be improved. 3. Check what your competitors are offering to customers. 4. Is location of the business is worthwhile. Market research can lead business to success:- Renovation can be beneficial for the business as attractive place is more profitable. There are some key factors involved in the market research:-  Location  Competitors  Target market  Cost of products  Services to the customers  Time frames to complete the task  Servey with the customers  Collect the feedback. After considering the role and market research of business it is necessary to decide how the needs will be fulfilled. It helps us as follows:- The work is actually based on the collection of some information from the business nearby:- 1. There should be a team assigned to complete the research work. 2. Time must be decided to complete research and try to resolve the problems which are identified during the research. 3. As it is been noticed that there is one another café nearby. So if this café is visible to the customers and serve cheap food. So we should also try to put things in menu. 4. Identify the target market:- Such as-  Adults  Pensioners  Workers  Families It helps to set the menu at certain limit to run the business. Objectives 1. To make the garden supply and work more
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