According to Westland (2006), a Business Case Is a Document That Justifies the Start-Up of a Project. Essay

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The process of objectively justifying a project investment begins with a business plan that compellingly details the strategically based reasons why an organization should sponsor a particular project. An effective business plan addresses, issues that include 1. identifying customer needs, 2. measuring results, 3. controlling project scope, and 4. understanding stakeholders. It should also describe the key areas of concern that business case must outline, areas that include organizational impact, strategic rationale, competition, risks, staffing, schedule, and costs. A good business case is important since it sets the stage for the project by providing a firm foundation and road map for success. By involving the customer in planning process, needs become more fully understood and documented. Specific design goals can be developed for the plan through a consensus-building exercise with the project stake holders. It’s extremely important to periodically review the business case once the project is underway. These days the traditional measures of projects success extend well beyond “On time, on budget, and to specification” to include such criteria as “Delivery of anticipated benefits, engagement of stakeholders and organizational adoption” Any project of significant length is often broken down into smaller divisions to make the project more manageable. This allows the team to better manage the project and map out the road to success. Periodically reviewing the business case ensures the project is on time, and on budget. The project manager gains valuable feedback on the progress of the project. The PM can perform quality control and risk assessment and keep the customer informed on the progress of the project through quality of deliverables and alignment to their business cases (time, cost, benefits, quality, etc.) Reference Heldman, K.

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