Revenue Growth Case Study

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REVENUE GROWTH Your client is GenCo, a large, international, diversified company with a health care division that produces a wide variety of medical instruments and related services. Five years ago, it expanded into the health care software industry by purchasing MedCount, which markets administrative systems to large U.S. hospitals. These systems are designed primarily for back-office functions; they are not designed for managing patients or providing other physician and technical support. Since it was purchased, the software division has failed to deliver the growth needed to justify the multiple GenCo paid for it. GenCo feels it has already squeezed margins as much as possible, and now is looking for new sales opportunities. MedCount turned to BCG to help identify potential ways to increase revenues. How would you approach this problem? * Establish Understanding of the case First, let me make sure I understand the problem. The parent company produces medical devices and services, but before the acquisition was not involved in health care software. The company it purchased, MedCount, sells only administrative systems software to large hospitals. It is now looking for opportunities to increase revenues. That is correct. Could I take a moment to jot down a few thoughts? Sure, that would be fine. * Set up the framework I would suggest using the following framework: * First, I'd want to understand the market size and growth rates for MedCount's market and related software markets. * Next, I would like to explore the competition and their market shares. * Third, I would like to examine customer requirements and then, given those external conditions, look at the division's capabilities to understand how well prepared it is to meet the needs of the marketplace. That sounds fine. So what do you want to know about the market? *

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