Mkt 305 Marketing Principles And Analysis Paper

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Marketing Principles and Analysis MKT 305 Winter Quarter 2014-2015 Instructor: Bill Froese Office Location: See Blackboard Office Hours: See Blackboard Phone: 224-616-4789 Email: Course: MKT 305 Quarter Hours: 4 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will introduce students to key marketing principles including the marketing concept, management of the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion), analysis of the external environment, ethical issues in marketing, segmentation, targeting and positioning. This course examines how organizations discover needs or wants that they can serve in the market place. Upon completion of the course, students should understand and appreciate the significant…show more content…
Explain key concepts such as segmentation, target marketing and product positioning. 2. Explain the four elements of the marketing mix: product strategies, pricing strategies, promotion strategies and distribution strategies. 3. Classify factors in the external marketing environment as either opportunities or threats as well as interpret internal company factors to create a SWOT analysis. 4. Apply marketing principles through the oral and written analysis of cases. 5. Examine issues that impact a company’s choice of marketing strategies, such as different market positions or stages of the product life cycle. 6. Interpret how elements of a SWOT analysis relate to and/or influence marketing strategy. 7. Recommend improvements to a company’s existing marketing strategy. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS: Classes will be a combination of lecture, casework discussion and review of business management in the news. They will not be a 2-hour monologue. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Chances are if you don't understand something, there are probably another half dozen of your classmates who don't get it either but are afraid to ask. Typical Class Period Outline A class period will contain the following…show more content…
| | |Market Analysis Part 2 Due | | | |Target Market, Product & Positioning, Pricing, Distribution, Promotion | |Week 8 |Feb 2 |Chapter 15 | | |Feb 4 |Market Analysis Project | |Week 9 |Feb 9 |Chapter 18 | | | |Independent Study Chapter 7 | | |Feb 11 |Final Exam: Chapters 15 and 18 | | | |Market Analysis Written Paper, PPT Slides Due | |Week 10 |Feb 16 |Market Analysis Presentations

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