Rhetorical Analysis on Beauty (Re)Discovers the Male Body by Susan Bordo

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In Beauty (Re)Discovers the Male Body, Susan Bordo takes a perplexing stance towards the outlook on recent male modeling. Bordo begins the essay displaying a number of ads from Calvin Klein and presenting a positive outlook on male objectification. Her position at the end of the essay reveals a paradox in her perspective; she suggests that image obsession is a bad thing. Bordo begins with a positive stance towards male objectification but ends with inconsistency--revealing her true opinion concerning visual culture. Why would Bordo lead on the reader with opinions that are not really her own? Bordo shows her opinion toward the objectification of the male body throughout the essay by using advertisements. She begins her essay with the appreciation? towards the male model ads, describing the success its brought many companies, such as Calvin Klein, and the pleasure females take from looking at them: “The model...stands there in his...rip-speckled Calvin Kelin briefs, head lowered, dark hair loosely falling over his eyes. His body projects strength...” (133). This quotation is only a small part of Bordo’s description of the first Calvin Klein ad she presents. She continues for the next paragraph describing the ad in detail. She explains how the ad appeals to and catches the eye of many female audiences. She seems to show her support by discussing the pleasure the female population have gotten from the ads. After so many years of females being objectified, the cultural change excites Bordo and results in her exaggeration of the pleasure she gets in the male model ads. For example, when describing the Gucci ad, she overemphasizes her description of the model by saying “his bottom, that is--gorgeously, completely naked” (137). However, she treats the description as a corny romantic visual. The very beginning of her essay seems to be geared toward a male

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