Hydroxy Cut Ad

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X10/25/2010 Lust and sex appeal are two emotions that dominate the advertisement world. Everyone wants to be perceived as sexy, fun, and attractive by our peers. In order to appeal to these emotions we take part in these materialistic things. Advertisements in Shape magazine have grabbed the attention and captured the desires of their female audience. Shape magazine provides women with the latest information about diet, fitness, healthy living, and beauty products. Done successfully in the advertisement for Hydroxycut, “America’s number one selling weight loss supplement.” The company conveys a message about the products high selling rate that immediately strikes the interest of its target audience, women of any age that are not satisfied with their weight. This is not only for woman, but men who are having the same problem as well. Men have become more obsessed with their looks just women when it comes to their looks. In “Male Body Image in America,” Luciano argues that men are becoming more feminine because of their looks “We are clearly witnessing the evolution of an obsession with body image, especially among middle class me, and a corresponding male appropriation of, in the words of feminist.” She argues that men are not men, because they are starting to care more about their looks just as women do With that in mind, what would women find appealing or even worth buying in a advertisement for weight-loss? Does this product burn just fat? The advertisement shows a customer before and after picture that has used Hydroxycut. To the right or her photo is her testimonial “I would choose Hydroxycut over and other weight loss product on the market today, I’ve experienced the result. Now I feel beautiful and fabulous!” This statement leads me to think if she has ever tried any other weight loss supplement. The product guarantee’s that you will lose up
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