How Women Are Portrayed In The Media Essay

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April 19, 2010 ENG 102 Section 14 All in a “Gaze” Work According to the Marriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of “gaze” is to fix the eyes in a steady intent look often with eagerness or studious attention. Bordo uses “gaze” multiple times throughout her essay. When you read or hear the word “gaze” you perceive it much differently than you would if it were to say look. When you are gazing at something you are keeping your eyes on it as if it is something that you want. I believe Bordo uses gaze in this essay rather than look or another synonym because it is very fitting. When you see someone that you are attracted to you usually give them more than a quick look. You are somewhat taken a back by their beauty and at the same time are trying to see what they are all about. But what draws you to them in the first place? In “Beauty (Re) discovers the Male Body” Bordo discusses how and where one is positioned, as the subject or object, and in the moment of vision. In the section, “Rocks and Leaners”, Bordo presents an argument that the gaze and position of men in advertising give off a message of masculinity. She describes the gaze, and how it can show dominance. The male models are the objects in the advertisement and meant to create a certain reaction depending upon there position. There is the “face up, face down, and stare down” (145). She also discusses how often in advertising, the lean is used in a seductive way. The angle of the camera is used as a powerful tool in advertising to capture certain moments and feel that the product is trying to convey. Whether it is a seductive lean with a face of stare, the male model is trying to get the viewers to remember and focus on him, therefore selling a product. Sh Bordo uses “gaze” in different ways throughout her essay. In “Men on Display” she is talking about an ad she saw in “The New York Times Magazine”

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