Literary Analysis of the Color Purple

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Confidence is Key “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot“ (Roosevelt). The former first lady explains that people gain confidence by the experiences they travel through and to use more confidence, people must accomplish goals they have never thought to achieve. In the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, a vulnerable, uneducated southern teenager, Celie, is being abused and feels she has no voice. Her only love is for her younger sister, Nettie, and their bond of sisterhood is eternal. Their father sells Celie, and the sisters are separated to grow up into two completely difference worlds. At the end of the story, Celie and Nettie reunite years later and Celie becomes a positive independent person. Celie is helped by many people to grow her self-esteem. Sofia is a major character who fights about what she believes in and does not get manipulated by anybody. The significance of Sofia’s role is to be a foil to Celie. A prominent characteristic between Celie and Sofia is their confidence within. Celie gets a visit from Nettie and Mr. _____ starts to flirt with her. She ignores him and passes every compliment he gives to Celie. Celie narrates,” She tell me, Your skin. Your hair, Your teefs. He try to give her a compliment, she pass it on to me. After while I git to feeling pretty cute” (Walker 18). Celie desires somebody to tell her that she is pretty, so she can feel beautiful. A person with confidence all ready knows how gorgeous he or she is and does not need people to remind them. Celie seems needy at this point, because she needs Nettie to make her feel better about herself. Harpo’s wife, Sofia, gets attacked by Harpo and tells her that Celie was the one that told him to beat her. Sofia confronts Celie and she replies, “ ‘I say it cause

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