A Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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‘A Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ character description: Angela Vicario Temptation, passion and obsession characterising Angela Vicario in this novel, the most quoted character and one of the main stories in the book. The fact of Santiago Nasar’s story displacing Angela’s one does not make her character less interesting or important. To make a full description of her character it is essential to describe her appearance, looks, dressing and etc., and see how it does reflect her features of personality or her inside world. Her relationships with family and friends are useful to find the reasons of her behaviour or special characteristic features. The way she is described by the others in the book is important to see what impression is being formed by her. People’s opinion about her defines her relationships with other people, and their attitude to her. The most significant Angela’s relationships to be considered are with the main character of the book, Santiago Nasar. His words about her, and attitude to her has also to be taken into account. Her views about others, the points she makes, her view of life, and her quotes are going to be the evidence for everything said about her. The sister to twins Pedro and Pablo, Angela suffers great humiliation when her newlywed husband discovers that she is not a virgin, Angela is the youngest daughter of the Vicario family, who have raised her to marry. Even though she is prettier than her sistersm she somewhat resembles a nun appearing meek and helpless. The Vicarios have watched over her carefully, so angela has had little chance to develop social skills or to be alone with men. Everyone expects Angela to be chaste. When they discover Angela’s secret, the family reacts violently to the knowledge that Santiago Nasar is responsible for her disgrace. say anything save to name him as the one who took her virginity. Angela
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