The Body Shop Case Study

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: CASE STUDY – THE BODY SHOP BY DAVID COOKSON 43360823 CLASS CBD TUESDAY 6PM – 10PM RANDAL TAME 1. How has the Body Shop positioned itself and become such an outstanding success while defying proven industry norms? “It turned out that my instinctive trading values were dramatically opposed to the standard practices in the cosmetic industry. I look at what they are doing and walk in the opposite direction”. – Founder & Managing Director Anita Roddick. In many ways Anita was able to make her personal values, The Body Shops (TBS) values. Roddick was quoted as saying “what really interests her is the revolutionary way in which trade can be used as an instrument for change for the better’’. In many ways she got lucky that her value’s connected so well with its Market Segment and that the Cosmetics Industry was attractive to get into. The Market Segment (Primarily women 30 and under) connected with segments Brand Values of honesty, human and animal welfare and the concept of their money from purchases going to a ‘greater good’ or ‘better purpose’ – this was a new concept at the time. From Porters 5 Forces Model we can see that the cosmetics industry was attractive when looking at the industry from TBS perspective (See Appendix 1a). You can also see from its success how over time it changed and competitors followed. (See Appendix 1b) After reading the case study and performing analysis you could say that TBS effectively moved into a ‘Blue Ocean’ with their market position in the cosmetics industry. When reviewing a Strategy canvas(Appendix 2) for Cosmetics industry and TBS you can see how TBS tailored it use of the perceived Critical success factors to stand apart from the ‘industry norms’. You can also see how the creation of socially responsible business, eco-friendly packaging and products was used to move into its

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