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What is greater than a good movie? I am a movie fan. I enjoy watching especially comedies. Few weeks ago i watched a movie called “Knocked Up”. It was so great that i went after some days with my girlfriend to the cinema and watched it again. A week ago movie “Knocked Up” appeared once more in my life. Pleased with that i quietly and with attention watched the movie again. What made me love this movie is the fact that the two actresses in leading roles are very pretty, there were good-funny lines that made me laugh, all three times, and most important the role of Ben Stone(Seth Rogen). In all movies there are beautiful actresses. The reason for that is of course the male audiences – interviewers “Knocked up” had two blond goddesses. Debbie (Leslie Mann) has beautiful green eyes, thin lips and delicate features. She has wavy to curly blond hair and an excellent thin body. The way she speaks with her sister Alison in the club asking in a naughty way if she is still pretty ,makes her, if not by now, for sure noticeable by all men viewers. Moving on to Alison. She is a tall woman as seen next to Ben. As Debbie's sister, Alison has blond hair too. Straight / sleek hair, pretty little nose and sexy lips. The best of all, she has beautiful breasts, something emphasized a lot in the movie. She is so perfect from the belly and up that even as the movie continues and her belly starts growing no one notices. What was so special for me in this movie was the ability of making me laugh every time. For example, having a hang-over Alison wakes up with the spectacle of Ben's ass. She was so shocked by the view that she kicked him to wake him up. Afterwards, Alison wanted to find out if she was pregnant and bought pregnancy tests. While Debbie tried one to see if they were true, Pete walked in. A scene that made me also laugh a lot was when Alison called Ben to tell him

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