Conforming Teens Essay

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How the Media Conforms Teens As a young teenage girl sits and watches a TV show, a commercial about lingerie comes on. The model who is wearing the lingerie is named Adrianna Lima. Oh how the young girl fantasies on having a body just like hers. The girl gets up and goes to her mirror and examines herself. The longer she sees herself the more she points out her flaws and how ugly she thinks she is. Teenagers across the world have felt this way at least once in their life. The media targets teenagers because they know that in today’s society things like clothing, technology along with trying to keep up with the Kardashians’ life style is very important. More than any other age group, teens will do just about anything to get what they want. The media conform teens to believe in a false lifestyle. The media tries to conform the way we, as teens, live by showing us unrealistic lifestyles. They specifically target teen girls. Magazines and advertisements project to girls that all girls should wear a certain size or have a specific shape or figure. All the time the media makes girls think that in order to feel beautiful, popular, or desirable they have to look like these women seen on TV or in magazines. As you may know, celebrities are the perfect way to get people to conform to something. Everybody always wants to be noticed for having, doing, or wearing the same thing a famous person has. Take K. Michelle and Adrianna Lima for example, K. Michelle is a singer who some people might say has the perfect body. In the black community having a big butt and a tiny waist along with a good weave makes a girl, the kind of girl that boys dream about and want their girlfriends to look like. In other ethnic communities girls that look like Adrianna Lima are considered the perfect body type. Petite frame, big bust, long hair, and flawless skin is another image that teens see as

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