Should 16 Year Old Girls Be Allowed to Model

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Today, our culture is mainly focused on appearances. Magazines and televisions are filled with images of the “super-thin” super model, movie star, television star, or rock star. Every teenage girl dreams that one day she will become some type of super star when she grow up, because that is all she see from advertisements. Modeling is entirely focused on the body, giving girls the impression that their worth and value are only based on their looks. Machoian says that modeling is not based on girl’s internal strengths such as intelligence. The authors, Lisa Machoian in “Girls Must Finish Developing First,” and Carre Otis in “Teenage models have teenage needs” says that sixteen year old girls are not ready to model yet. I completely agree with them. At the age of sixteen, young girls should not be allowed to model, because it increases their risks of questioning their own identity, low self-esteem, perfectionism, eating disorders and anorexia. During their teenage years, girls start to question their identity. Modeling teaches young girls to center their identity only on their looks (Machoian). Girls look at magazines and see a beautiful model on the cover wishing that they looked the same. They forget that the model they see on the cover has make-up on, and, most likely the picture was edited using some type of photo shop. Modeling along with social media give girls the impression that they have to fit this idealized image to look thin and be beautiful, dress up nicely, and wear makeup or they will not be happy with themselves. The pressure to look a certain way has psychological effects on young girls. Changing the way they dress or eat changes and influences their identity. Unfortunately, womanizing photographers exist in the modeling industry; young girls are scared to speak up if their uncomfortable with how everything is going. No matter what their age may be,

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