Forgotten Jelly Essay

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Young women these days are extremely concerned about how their looks are portrayed. ‘Forgotten Jelly’ by Megan Jacobson shows us this through the eye of a young woman who is fat. This story conveys the message that you have to be hot to get the guys and how girls try to look hot in their own unique way. The story is set in Australia where 3 young women go fishing. There was Cassie the pretty one, Amber the skinny one and Louise the red head. They then go skinny dipping and find themselves stranded in the water after 2 boys called Tim and Ryan steal their clothes. The boys call out to the girls” Hey Cassie! Red! Fatty and skinny!! Want your clothes?” The boys referred to Cassie by her name because she was wearing spaghetti string singlet with her cleavage dangerously hanging out. They ran out of the water naked and the first thing they noticed was not the author’s body fat but the anorexic like Amber. The author wears a “pretty girl’s suck shirt”. This obviously showing that the author isn’t a pretty girl. She doesn’t deny the fact that she is fat or otherwise she will be left like “Forgotten Jelly”. Cassie on the other hand knows she is pretty and does everything to look prettier to attract the opposite sex. In reality this is seen every day. Most women these days would do anything to look pretty and attract the opposite sex. This story gives us the importance of body image to women and they get judged about it. Amber the “finger throated sickness one”. She gets teased because of her anorexic appearance. This is a mental illness common to the young woman. This illness happens because people call you fat even though you are skinny. To not get teased in society you have to look and act normal. Cassie is the one that looks the hottest and that’s why the boys remember her name while referring to the other girls by their appearance. Forgotten Jelly shows us how people
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