Analysis Of Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt By Jean Kilbourne

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Sex and Young Girls In Kilbourne’s “Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt” she speaks extensively about how advertising could have many underlying and shocking meanings when analyzed closer. Some factors that Kilbourne speaks of in her essay allow us to look deeper into the hidden concepts of advertising and show a world of suggestive sex and abuse. Many of the ads allowed us take a closer look at how woman are portrayed as objects to sell a product. I believe that many of underlying factors influence our young girls. Many of the ads today give an image that in order to be happy and satisfied in life you have to be sexual or look sexy to get ahead. These ads are giving the wrong impression to our very fragile and susceptible young women. I believe…show more content…
A perfect example of this can be found in almost any music video on MTV. Most of the time these videos are filled with beautiful women wearing practically nothing to grab your attention. Majority of the time these females are portrayed as being sexually active by the way they dance or interact with others. These videos give the happy essence by showing these half naked women smiling having the time of their life! The fact that the female is standing in the middle of the street in full stripper attire goes unnoticed. In the real world we can consider that a first class ticket to being raped or prostitution; in other words some type of sexual act whether welcomed or forced. These unrealistic images put our young girls in situations where they feel in order to get a boyfriend or to get attention you have to be sexually active or look the part. They look to fulfill the lifestyles seen on MTV by rushing into relationships and having sex in hope to live a fantasy. Many times the end result is young girls subjecting their selves to abusive boyfriends at pre-teen age to fit an image. When kids are shown images that promote sex as good things that are tied directly into fabulous products or lifestyles why not…show more content…
It’s almost as though these “boys have also learned that men ogle primarily to impress other men (and to affirm their heterosexuality)”. Now, the definition of ogle is to stare at somebody desirously: to look at somebody for sexual enjoyment or as a way of showing sexual interest. ("ogle" Merriam-Webster Online Dictonary) To me that definitely is not a look that I would like to be given. There does not seem to be any way possible for a male to ogle at a woman without her feeling like an object unless she is portraying herself in a sexual manor. The Cindy Crawford commercial that Kilbourne discusses in her essay really brings the issue of the century long double standards to light. If the tables were turned and the boys in the advertisement were young women whistling at an older man they would definitely be looked down upon for their sexual interest. Ads like this show, our young girls that it’s okay for boys and young men to treat women as sexual objects. The impression given is that women were placed on earth to give men satisfaction whether sexually or visually even at the cost of being dehumanized. The fact that Cindy gave this image of having sexual satisfaction by drinking the can of Pepsi almost tells young girls that if I drink Pepsi I’ll be just as sexy and attractive

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