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In Amanda Fazzone’s article “Boob Tube,” she explains how TV. show heroines are empowered only because they “bask in the sex object role,” even though NOW (National Organization for Women) states that these “intelligent” and “well-rounded” women are able to “break out of the sex object role and portray authentic people.” Fazzone questions NOW’s credibility for their criterion of their idea of authentic and intelligent women. “If heroines like Felicity are empowered, it’s only because they’ve decided that what really drives female power is sex,” Fazzone states at the beginning of the article. Fazzone takes a stand against NOW asking how they choose their endorsements. NOW explains that their endorsements are intelligent, well-rounded authentic women, but Fazzone wants to know if they are really women who bask in the sex object role, and what are the shows NOW endorses are really about? Felicity was the third-most feminist show in NOW’s “Feminist Primetime Report,” yet the women would do anything for the crush she followed to college. For example, in the show, once a week, Felicity would revolve her life around the same guy. The other shows that were ranked high in NOW were heroines they stated as one’s who “broke out of the sex object role,” but Fazzone explains that instead these “heroines” are empowered only because they’ve decided that what really drives female power is sex. How authentic are these actresses that NOW endorses, Fazzone questions. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the lead role with her take-charge attitude who can dominate both genders, yet her promo photos show off the cleavage of her bra less self! Outside of their “innocent” TV shows, it is clear that these actresses are being marketed for their sex appeal, and not their wholesomeness. These actresses do not meet NOW’s criteria of portraying authentic women,

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