How To Become A Star - Marilyn Monroe And Paris Hilton

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How to become a star - Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton The world has always had its bombshells - blond girls with extraordinary sex appeal that fascinate millions around the world with their goddess looks. One of the best known is Marilyn Monroe, who was the sex symbol of the 1950’s, and still captivates people’s desires and fantasies. Nowadays the world enjoys a myriad of young attractive girls, but one of the most famous is Paris Hilton. Both Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton are sex symbols of their respective times. However, whereas the latter established herself as a woman admired for her voluptuous body by projecting herself as a person unrestricted by any social norms, Marilyn achieved this success through her relentless desire to progress in her acting career and through her charismatic presence on the stage and in real life. Life did not begin easily for the baby girl known as Norma Jeane, who later changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. Soon after her birth in Los Angeles, CA, her mother underwent a mental collapse and was hospitalized. The future sex symbol grew up as a beautiful but lonely girl as she was moved from foster home to foster home, with an occasional stay in an orphanage. In an interview years later, Monroe commented that she play-acted all the time to run away from the dullness of her life, which did not include much education. "The world around me then was kind of grim. I had to learn to pretend in order to...I don't know...block the grimness.”[1] Most people don’t realize that her disrupted loveless childhood have had great effect on her later life and may have been the main reason for her early death. This misfortune in her personal life haunted her until her death. Marilyn had three marriages, each of which was unsuccessful. First it was the marriage with Jim Dougherty,

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