Substance Abuse Case Study Essay

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Case Study # 1 Janet is a 28 year female who is currently retained at the Ford Correctional Facility for her third possession of a controlled substance, crack cocaine charge in four years. Janet is married with three children; however, she has been separated from her husband and children for over three years due to her addiction and incarceration. She has met neither the substance abuse recovery at the outpatient program nor the visitation requirements through CPS at the home of her husband. CPS is currently undergoing possible revocation of her parental rights if she does not adhere to the court-ordered requirements of successful completion of a substance abuse program. Her husband has called to inquire about her status and has stated that…show more content…
program available for inmates. She also has a history of drug related charges such as prostitution, theft, possession of paraphernalia, and shoplifting. She has stated that the crimes that she has committed were mostly in effort to use drugs. She has been an addict for over 10 years and has suffered many legal and family problems behind her addictions. She has attempted two outpatient treatment programs, the first of which was voluntary and the second referred by Child Protective Services. She did not complete the program that was referred to her and as a result, she is under strict guidelines upon seeing her children. Janet has also been admitted into one court-ordered inpatient program for ninety days, of which she also did not complete. The end result was that her probation was terminated with the following out of her sentence of six months in Pinerras County Jail. Janet had since been released and had re-offended after a period of only a few months. Upon release, Janet was homeless with no support, and stayed with friends who use drugs and drank daily. She attended meetings for a time, but not regularly, and soon stopped going altogether. Janet was in a high-risk atmosphere upon release which made it difficult for her to maintain a crime and drug-free lifestyle, thus resulting in her incarceration

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