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Being a mother at the age of fifteen was not an easy task but Daphne had no other choice. With a sometimes delightful, well paying, unrewarding job that got bills paid and food on the table. Daphne found out that a common disease amongst her family resided under her flesh. Breast cancer found her at an early age but it has not gotten the best of her. Throughout 38 years of living, being a single mother, working the same career for 17 years, and fighting breast cancer still has not strangled the liveliness from Daphne’s spirits. In the beginning, Daphne got pregnant with her first child at the age of 15. She and her son lived with her mother who offered little to no help with caring for her child. Daphne having received little assistance with raising her son, got her to her first job. Burger King, a minimum wage job, paid for daycare and everything her son needed. Being a mother and having a job Daphne maintained her school work and graduated high school with her graduating class. After graduation, Daphne had another child at the age of 19.…show more content…
Becoming a CNA was easy for Daphne, but the career had its disadvantages. When after one year as a CNA, in a nursing home, she was accused of an act she did not commit. With an abuse offense behind her license, she was terminated and had to find another job. Always being written up for the negative things that take place on the job is another obstacle Daphne faced. Daphne had been written up and reported several times for having to leave the job to get to her kids for whatever reasons. Being recognized for the positive was something she lacked in her 17 years of licensure. Along with negative recognition and false accusations, Daphne began to feel unappreciated for her day to day work. To top all the disadvantages, Daphne lost the lead nursing position due to having to be out of work several times due to breast cancer
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