Universal Health Care Case Study

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The Case for Universal Healthcare 1 The Case for Universal Healthcare 1 Running head: The Case for Universal Healthcare The Case for Universal Healthcare Lakisha C. Brown Social and Behavior Research Methods CST 5249 Capella University Professor: Michelle Burcin September 08, 2010 The Case for Universal Healthcare 2 Judith McAlister is a single parent whose daughter in high school with a serious illness that has caused the single mother to lose her job due to excessive call outs-and absences. Because of this job lost, the single mother of one is unable to afford the needed medication and doctor visits to keep her daughter alive. Judith no longer has healthcare coverage to supplement the cost and care that is…show more content…
Every country’s current methods of delivering, organizing, and financing health care have resulted from a long history. Clinical methods have spread across national boundaries, making health care international as well as national. Clinical practitioners and public policymakers have constantly adopted lessons from other countries. The financing and organization of health care have passed through several stages: All societies throughout their histories have always had doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. Doctors and druggists earned out-of-pocket cash payments. Hospitals have long existed. They were maintained by churches, charitable foundations, and governments. Some earned cash from patients, but much less than their total operating costs. Workers and craftsmen developed mutual aid funds, at first to pay for loss of income during disability, for funeral costs, and for the support of widows and orphans. These were the forerunners of modern social insurance (Palmer,…show more content…
The “average American” can be defined as the lower middle to upper middle working class of legal residents. These are the people that make this country run. They seem to be the only group taken for granted by leaders and politicians. There are increasing calls for changes in both parties, including term limits and an end to the constant “telling us what we want to hear” and then continuing to pass self serving and directed legislation that benefits only selected groups. This results in pitting ethnic group against ethnic group, union organizations against companies and non-union workers, legal residents against illegal immigrants, and so on. Average Americans should not be divided into an assortment of various groups and sub groups. The Case for Universal Healthcare 8 We should be united in the common cause of securing what is in the best interest of all, this being the first priority. President Barack Obama has addressed Congress concerning his plan for “Stability & Security for All Americans.” The Obama Plan ensures that all Americans have secure and stable health insurance. For those with health insurance, Obama promises (“The Obama Plan”, 2009): o Ends discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. o Prevents insurance companies

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