Obama Deal Pros And Cons

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Obama’s Deal Barack Obama wanted to remake America with universal healthcare. This would be a huge issue for the president to take on because no president has ever made headway on this comprehensive health care reform. The White House had a debate about whether they should actually go forward with it. Nexon argued that we should spend all our energy on the recession rather than launch a spending program at this time. Obama choose Rahm Emanuel’s as an inside deal maker and went a head with health care right away to make a strong point. His highest priority was healthcare. He encouraged Congress to help come up with a plan. Obama relied on his team of former congressional insiders that weren’t messing around, like Tom Daschle for example.…show more content…
He was good at cutting deals with the health care industry groups. Baucus also successfully received more 2.5 million dollars from these groups from the health industry. Ignagni pushed Baucus for a bill that would include the ability to buy insurance and bring down public option. Baucus and the White House were also secretly deciding on another deal with Billy Tauzin. He was later hired as the pharmaceutical industry best lobbyist. Tauzin came up with a formula that could potentially cut drug costs by 80 billon dollars over just 10 years. The president accepted the deal. Obama also announced the broad outlines of the PhRMA deal, which was a breakthrough on the health care reform. He also wanted to create a bill that was beyond Washington beyond partisan politics. Max Baucus was their secret weapon in passing this. He had secret connections with Chuck Grassley. They needed something that could get 75-80 votes or a consensus bill. Most saw nothing for the Republican Party in Baucus’s proposals making them not want to be apart of this. Emanuel began a campaign to convince the president to change his goals. But, Obama made his own decision and wanted a full bill. During these times, there was a lot of protest from the people. After the lose of Grassely, they also lost Edward Moore Kennedy, who actually died. Obama wanted to achieve Kennedy’s goal after his death and not give up. Now the president needed the help of the democrats. They decided to spend lots of money to defeat health reform. Obama then had a first role call vote on Christmas Eve for the historic health care bill and lost. On Sunday, March 21st there was another vote and they finally won, making it a historical moment in
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