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Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper Sherry Patterson HSC/539 October 13, 2013 Tina Folk-Cormartie Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper In February of 1953, Moses H. Cone hospital opened its doors with 231 employees and 53 beds. Moses Cone Health System changed its name to Cone Health in 2011 for the network of services with a tagline “The Network for Exceptional Care”. In 2011, Regional Cancer Center opens at Wesley Long Hospital to provide comprehensive services in cancer prevention and treatment. Today, it is called the Cone Health Cancer Center. Your health is the most important thing to keep your body going. People care about their health and they try to maintain and improve it. When faced with cancer people count on the…show more content…
However, the sharp reality of the modern world is that health care comes with a price. Current cost-control efforts include evaluating hospitals and doctors based on their quality and cost acquiring insurers channel patients to the most efficient providers in the health care organization. Many insurance companies now require consumers to make a copayment for medical services, whereas in the past, insurance companies paid the full medical bill (Berkowitz, 2006). The Cone Health provides financial assistance with medical bills to those who qualify. Typically, most of the elderly hospital bill is paid by the federal Medicare programs, which pay hospitals a flat fee. Medicaid programs aid in assistance with low income, blind and disabled patients. The cost for Medicaid patients services are usually lower than the full amount of providing the services. A question to ask that helps to understand and define the price. What is the value of the service to the patients? How will CHCC price compare with services offered with competitors? Cone Health and other Cone Health-affiliated hospitals, clinics and other facilities have been able to cover costs to care for patients who are unable to pay for their healthcare while also enhancing our services and…show more content…
Health care marketing, the process of assessing people’s wants and needs, and the developing products or services to meet those want and needs (Berkowitz, 2006). The marketing strategy plans play vital roles in the Cone Health system. The four P’s of marketing strategy are product, price, place, and promotion. The reputation of Cone Health Cancer Center not only attract new customer but also brings in profits for the organization. Health care in today’s marketing is rapidly changing to meet the customer’s needs. Cone Health strives to meet excellence in the quality care of its customers. Services include: medical/hematology oncology, chemotherapy, radiation oncology and other specialized technologies. Cone Health the network for exceptional

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