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Dove was founded in 1955 as a division of Unilever. Dove focuses on personal care and toiletries. In 2004 Dove launched a new campaign, a type of campaign that has not been done before; this campaign is the “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty”. This campaign has gathered its fair share of fans and critics. Fans praise Dove for this innovative and unique campaign that celebrates women of all types, sizes, and color; but some, however, are calling foul play. Some critics believe this campaign is preying on certain women for not having “real beauty”: the women who enjoy wearing make-up, working out, and the women who strive to fit the “Barbie” like image. Dove has good intentions. Do not get me wrong, but I believe they are out to exploit the women who enjoy “fake” beauty; the women who gain their self-confidence from their high-end designer make-up, constant gym routines, and teeth whitening. Entering into its first decade of this campaign, should Dove have not even started this campaign? What is this campaign all about, exploiting “fake” beauty or exposing a woman’s natural beauty underneath the layers of foundation and UV rays? I think this campaign has exposed both, but I do believe it is wrong to elude that women who wear make-up are not self-confident and that being “natural” is beautiful, because who is to say someone is not beautiful? Dove, like any other company, has a strong marketing mix, full of diverse products but they all fall under the same department. Product | Price | Place | Promotion | * Personal care (shampoo, deodorant, soup, lotion, ant-aging) * Men’s care * Hair care | * Range anywhere from $2.00-$30.00+ (depends on product and market) | * Local grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store | * Coupons * Buy-one-get-one * “Real Beauty” campaign | As you can see above in the “Product” section, Dove sells anti-aging products.

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