Only Yesterday: An Informal History Of The 1920's

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Assignment #2 History Since 1876 Ivan Almanza Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company- Albert Einstein Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company- Albert Einstein Assignment #2 America is an ever-changing country with new ideas, new morals, and new cultures that emerge out of the blue. The way that we live our lives and the way that others live around us is much different than the way our parents lived, and our parent’s lives were much different than how their parents lived their lives. This is because popular culture trumps everything else and Frederick Allen, author of Only Yesterday; An Informal History of the 1920’s explains to us how the process was birthed and evolved during a time where change was inevitable. The time was the roaring twenties, an exciting time that changed the way Americans think about sex and fashion. Frederick Allen described the roaring twenties as the age of promiscuity. It was a time when women were sitting at home while men were at war,…show more content…
Women wanted shorter skirts because they liked the general trend that flappers were setting. Manufacturers did everything they could to stop reducing the length of skirts but despite their efforts, women’s demands overwhelmed the clothing brands. (p. 79) Flappers wore short skirts, short sleeves, and sometimes they even wore no sleeves. The other fashion change that happened was hairstyle change. (p. 80) Young women really loved the bobbed hairstyle. One fashion magazine predicted that the bobbed hairstyle would not last very long, but it did and they were forced to show more bobbed hairstyles in their magazine. The cosmetic industry made lots of money as well because of all of the products they were pushing to women. By 1929, some 2,500 different perfume brands were created along with 1,500 face creams. (p. 80). This is where we can pinpoint the time we became a society of

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