Average Joe's Analysis

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Should I have been made a human, I am sure that I would do no better (or worse) in my day to day than the “Average Joe’s” that I critique and make assumptions about every day. But alas I was not made human; I was created as a much higher being, an institute of commerce and economics, a beacon of light symbolizing the pinnacle of human progress. Who would have thought such a glorious entity of human intellect would be bestowed such a simple name as Target. However, though I am a being of higher intelligence I do lack any form of transportation and movement. But don’t fret, I do not find my entrapment boring; I happily spend my days looking down on the human race. Studying them, contemplating why they buy what they buy, and why they act as they act. It was on such a day that the natural order of things were disrupted by a number of complaints and discrepancy’s made by some objects that I had previously thought to have been my friends. Chapter One: “Appearances” The sound of soft crying echoed through the hallways early that afternoon. Being concerned (as I am such a compassionate being), I rushed to find its source; I was shocked to find that it was my good friend Suave. I quickly asked her what was that matter and she overdramatized the following: A woman of great beauty or at the very least natural beauty came to the aisle that day. She looked as if she were a very important business woman; however, she dressed very strangely, as though she were trying to hide her beautiful complexion behind her glasses and slightly masculine cloths. What made her choose that bottle? Did she find its look to be more appealing than the thousands of…show more content…
I soon arrived to see that my friend Charlie, he was my forth cash-register a very important role; as capital is the fuel that provides me with self-fulfilling sustenance.

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