Celebrity Culture Essay

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Celebrity culture Insert name: Insert institution: Introduction The current society has been dominated by celebrities. There are some who believe that his is due to the ‘ordinary celebrity’ emergence which in turn has been due to the popularity of T.V styles like reality TV shows, talk shows and game shows and their pressure it has on ordinary individuals to participate. There are some who have it that this has contributed to democratization process within media through the opening up of access to media and a widened representation. This research seeks to find whether media has influenced celebrity politics through gender and image representation. It will also feature the life and funeral of Margret Thatcher, the first woman Britain prime minister. The media has seen to greatly influence the life of the ordinary citizens of a country. For example body image. The media has in the past represented an ideal body size for the ultimate beauty. The size has mostly been about women. The ideal shape and eight has changed over time but the idea behind it, the effect it has n people, still remains. Currently, the women who show a proportional figure, which mainly is elongated legs and a flat belly, with a slender body, are considered to be beautiful while those who fall short from the ‘perfect’ figure are considered to be less attractive. The skin tone of a woman also comes into play when describing a beautiful woman. The hair should also be properly maintained with the proper products to give you the celebrity look. (Harris & Lester, 2002) The influence of advertising such a physic can be evidently seen in the lives of people. The number of anorexic individuals is rising because people want to attain this ideal slender body. The nutrition sector blames the media for causing people to starve themselves in order to be perfect like the women who feature in
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