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“Pink Think” Lynn Peril presents an essay carefully chosen from the introduction of her book “Pink Think” about the chauvinism of the 1940’s to 1970’s as “a set of ideas and attitudes about what constitutes proper female behavior” (pg. 281). Women of the pink think era were persuaded by “advice [that] ranges from rather vague proscriptions along the lines of ‘nice girls don’t chew gum/swear/wear pants/fill-in-the blank,’ to obsessively elaborate instructions for daily living” (pg. 280) as guides of achieving ideal femininity. “Pink Think” wrote by Lynn Peril offers an assortment of brilliant evidences and facts, witty humor, and resilient opinions on sexism present from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, creating a comical, yet realistic view of the pink think era for readers. Peril presents a collection of examples of pink think or things which encourage women to groom themselves to be appropriately girly to fulfill their potential. For example, “a teen girl’s focus should be on dating and getting a boyfriend” (pg. 283). It is mesmerizing to read about the development of feminine modesty, which Peril illustrates throughout the essay with abundant factoids highlighted with bullets within the text of the essay. “Betsy Martin McKinney told readers of Ladies’ Home Journal that…sexual activity commenced with intercourse and completed with pregnancy and childbirth” (pg. 280-81). This particular bulleted point precisely offers an excellent view on sexual intercourse and how girls of the think pink era were taught to think. “[A] new game for girls called Miss Popularity (“The True American Teen”), in which players competed to see who could accrue the most votes…for such attributes as nice legs…[and] a constant’s figure, voice, and type” (pg. 281), once again is used an additional bulleted fact to emphasis the magnitude that was taken to influence girls and women on how to be

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