Sexism in Rap

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Sexism in Rap Music Music has been one of the most common forms of media throughout society. It has been around thirty years since rap started becoming popular. Gangsta rap is believed to define “street” youth culture. In today’s culture, gangsta rap music is a popular genre especially to youth. However, many rap songs today in one way or another are degrading and offensive towards women or in other words, misogyny. Society is affected negatively because the later generations are growing up thinking that misogyny is acceptable. Although many people believe rap is a harmless genre of music, most rap music consists of lyrics that portray women in a derogatory fashion. Many of rap songs involve name calling and violent attitude directed more likely at women in general than a particular person. Women in those songs are mostly placed in a sexual context and called offensive words such as bitch, whore, and slut. Lil’ Wayne is a very popular rapper of today’s society. One of his many popular songs is called “Mrs. Officer”. One of the verses says “she got me thinkin’ I can date a cop ‘cause her uniform pants are so tight.” To Lil’ Wayne, he only has an interest in women if they’re wearing something tight and attractive. To him, looks are even more important that who a girl really is. In the essay, “Why Are We Dressing Our Daughters Like This?”, written by Lianne George, the author talks about how young girls are putting much focus on material things that will somehow alter or enhance their appearance. This is seen when she writes, "Girls as young as 6 are adopting the external cues of womanhood, adorning themselves not only with lip gloss and nail polish, but also body sprays, skin glitters, and spa lotions." George discusses how women believe that appearance is the only thing they need to focus in life – that beauty is success and is the only way women can achieve

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