Should Teachers Be Able To Carry Guns In Schools Essay

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If you were to ask teachers in the 1980’s if they thought training school faculty members gun safety and allow them to carry weapons it would be viewed as unimaginable. With the increase of school violence since 1999 more parents and faculty members have been asking how we should go about keeping our children safe in school. In the United States in 2012, there were ten school shootings leaving forty-one dead and thirteen wounded (Tyrel). Many schools in urban neighborhoods have installed metal detectors and do backpack checks prior to allowing anyone into the schools doors. Should we train and allow school faculty members to carry weapons to help keep our children safe or should we find other methods of early detections to stop these events from happening. “Three hundred twenty-three students have died in documented school shootings over the past 15 years” (Esposito, 2007). School shootings have been much broadcasted over…show more content…
If that question is asked at a table usually people would say “No”. A long time ago that answer would have no opposition, but now with the recent murders of students on school grounds that answer is not so easy to answer. In 2006 after the recent shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania a representative by the name of Frank Lease, a Green Bay legislator. Planned to introduce a legislation that would allow faculty to carry concealed weapons on school grounds as a deterrent against shootings. Allowing faculty to carry firearms can have an effect on mass shootings at schools. On 1999 in Columbine fifth teen people were killed, in Minnesota nine people were murdered, in Virginia thirty three were killed, and in Connecticut twenty eight were murdered. Allowing faculty to carry firearms would greatly cut the amount of murders that were committed. Trained faculty can protect children and themselves, while allowing more time for the authorities to arrive at the

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