Persuasive Essay: Do Students Need Gun Control In Schools

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*On NBC.COM it was said that a 2 year boy found a gun underneath his parent’s bed and began to play around with it*. Moments after this his parents then hear a gun shot and rush upstairs to where it heard. There they found out that the boy had accidentally shot himself in the head with the gun. The parent’s next reaction was to rush the boy to the nearest hospital where he later died 2 hours after the incident. *Time and time again we hear devastating news about accidental child shootings*, gang re*la*ted shootings or even a school shooting. These *type* of incidents bring back the importance of gun control in our nation. *The need for gun control is necessary for the protection of everyone* of us especially toddlers today.…show more content…
More than 3500 students were expelled from school for bringing or attempting to bring a gun to school. Now out of this number 43% of them were students in elementary school. Now statistics like this should make wonder a little how these students got access to a gun? Did they get the gun from a friend, their house, or did the buy from a pawn shop so they could join a gang? About 772,500 people in the US alone are involved *in gang* related activity* every year*.* Out of this at least 48% of those involved are under the age of 18. And out of the 48% of teens 20% of them die each year. In 2007 a friend of mine decided to join a gang but he knew he had to have ownership of a gun before he could join. He then remembered his dad had one locked away in his room, he took it then join up with a gang. 2-3 months later I got news that he was involved in a gang related shooting and died. Incidents like this one show why we need to gun control so that we prevent things like this happening. *In conclusion, going against gun control is not right. But by changing *your* thought to be for gun control you are making the right choice and by making the right choice *you will make* great*er outcomes for the safety of others in our

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