Informative Essay: Stricter Gun Control Laws In The United States

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Ethan Oberhausen Oberhausen 1 English 101 Professor Kehl 8 March 2014 Essay 2 No More Gun Control Whether they’re used for hunting, home defense, or recreational target practice, guns have always been a part of the American tradition. Over recent years, debate about whether or not the government should crack down on gun control policies has been a major topic among Americans. While some people strongly believe that stricter gun control laws will help prevent the many shootings and other crime related issues, there are others who say we should have the right to protect ourselves. I believe that guns are helpful tools that allow us to protect our families and freedoms, and that taking them away would only make the malicious criminals more comfortable in executing their acts on unarmed victims. Whether it’s a criminal in your neighborhood or a country invading, they would reconsider their thoughts if they suspected the people to be armed. Most advocates of…show more content…
However, tragedies such as Sandy Hook give us even more of a reason why firearms shouldn’t be banned. A lethal criminal gunman sees a school as a weaponless haven full of vulnerable victims, making them the easiest places to perform their psychotic plans. I believe that some of these massacres could be prevented if places, such as schools, have a security guard who is armed and trained for these situations. In 2007, a gunman entered a Colorado church and shot and killed two girls. A former police officer who was volunteering at the church “drew her firearm, shot and wounded the gunman before he could kill anyone else,” as stated in Bennett’s article. We should not only allow teachers and security guards to carry a concealed weapon as a precaution, but we should also make this a known fact so that criminals don’t think schools are an easy, unarmed
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