Why Do Metal Detectors Cause School Shootings

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Metal Detectors are the Safe Way ! Many students and teachers question why are there metal detectors in school. Students also say having metal detectors are a waste of time and causes a lot of hold ups in the morning. However haven’t you noticed that most of the schools that have had shootings in the past were due to the lack of metal detectors ? don’t you think a couple of minutes you’d spend on a line for metal detecting may save the life of another school mate or even yourself? Sometimes if you really think about it patience is the border between life and death. Have you noticed that the percentage of school shootings have decreased mightily over the years? They have but that does not mean it is not prone to happen again. One thing that I have read in the Daily News was that school shootings are the number one cause of student deaths in the United States and this is very sad. Another statement in the Daily News that caught my attention was that the number one cause of school shootings was bullying and pair pressure. When kids are bullied , they…show more content…
Most school shooting occur also in high schools. College campuses are distant second. Alcoholic beverages and other drugs are also the cause of school shootings. Those objects cause the mind to become unstable and the school shootings happens. Another cause of school shootings is mental instability. The leading mental diseases that cause instability is bipolar disease and paranoid schizophrenia. People with these mental disorders are often targeted by others as the subject of their amusements; however it is unknown to the bully that their target may have this disease. There are people who have bipolar and paranoid schizophrenia and they live among us as regular citizens. You have to be very careful on what you say to people, you don’t know they might react or what they have on them that can hurt

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