Argument Against Gun Rights

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Gun rights should not be given to every person in the World. If a person is or was a convicted criminal they should not be allowed gun rights. A police man should not be able to carry a gun around off duty because they should have other tactics to deal with criminals or call in on duty policemen. An ordinary person should not be able to own an automatic machine gun. Gun control should be more strict in the United States and around the world. The second amendment says a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. This should not always be the case because criminals will continue to be criminals and kill people if they need or want to. A counter…show more content…
He may be using it to take out a criminal, or to take down one of his old enemies. The police do not need to carry guns when they are off duty because there are police who are on duty who can take out criminals. There was a case in a federal court where a retired police officer was carrying a gun and was shot and killed by a gang. This is an example of why off-duty police should not carry guns, because it promotes gang violence. In another case occurring at Santa High School in Santee, California in 2001. A group of children who’s parents were officers, grabbed their parents guns out of their cars in order to halt a shooting until the police on duty showed up. My opinion on gun availability to children/young adults for purposes other than what guns are intended; hunting, police,etc., is that when they have a disagreement with another party, their anger may entice them to grab a gun and shoot. Now these kids are on the other end of the law, criminals instead of law abiding citizens. No person except for the military should be allowed machine guns. Many people would use them in the wrong way . The wrong use of guns has been proven in the many different school catastrophes such as, Virginia Tech ,Columbine, and the most recent being Northern Illinois University. The right place for machine guns would be in the hands of our military men and women in Iraq. In order to eliminate the war on terrorism, and

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