Should Classroom Be Separated Into Gender?

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Should classrooms be separated by gender? Have you ever thought about if classrooms should separated by gender? The was one of the topics in the classrooms to discuss in class but that wasn’t a discussion I saw. I saw the students yelling and screaming no, what did the teacher say?, why will you even ask that?, and a lot more comments toward this topic. But the students were right to put their opinion and feelings out there. Well, most of us will say separation is unreal to the real world and separation will limit the social activity. By separating the sexes, it sends a message that boys and girls needed to be treated differently, and are therefore unequal. May we all agree that separating the classroom will cause a problem for students who are use to see the opposite sex in their classrooms everyday. First off if you separate the classrooms wouldn’t that led to separating the school? The students will have only a limit of social activity will the other sex and most of the students wouldn’t that. For example, my teacher went to all boys school for high school and he was telling the class that when him and his friends use to hang out they always wanted to a girl but they didn’t know how too. And his friends were scare and shy. My point is that if we separate high schools by gender then we might have to separate colleges too because it’s like a domino effect. Also, the separation wouldn’t prepare you for the real world because we will be mixed in the real world. Some people that was separated from the opposite sex will not know how to work with the other person or may not know how to talk to them. Due to the separation some of the students that is separated might think their better than the other students and it might cause tension that will led to fights. So think about it is the separation is it worth it? On the other hand, some

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