Lesson 19 Essay

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WORKSHEET – UNIT 19 Task 1 – List the different categories of beginner students, giving a brief explanation of each: The absolute beginner A student who has no experience in learning the English language. The false beginner A student who has studied English in the past but has not retained or remembered much of what they learned. They will be able to string together a few simple sentences and that’s it. The adult beginner Highly motivated students who are learning English for their own reasons as opposed being forced to learn by parents or the education system. The young beginner These students lack motivation to learn the language but they tend to pick up the language easier than older students. The choice to learn the language is made by the parents rather than the student The beginner without the Roman alphabet Without an alphabet that includes the letter’s A through Z, this student will need help with initial literacy skills. A great deal of reading and writing practice is needed. Task 2 – How would you as a teacher adapt your approach to beginner students? If I was confronted with a class full of beginner students I would need to alter my approach to teaching. I would need to lower my expectations of the students to a level that is appropriate to their expected progress. I would use more visual aids than I would normally use in a higher level class to make up for the fact that the students will not have much vocabulary to fall back on. I would slow down the pace of my speech so I don’t lose students. I would also try hard to not allow the students to speak in their mother tongue as this is counter-productive to learning a new language. Also I would try not to over correct nor rely on the course book so much. These kill motivation and create situations that are not conducive to
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