School Wide Positive Behavior Support

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School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) is strategies and systems that will assist schools in decreasing behavior issues, maintain a safe environment, increase performance in academics, and establish positive school atmosphere. Three behavior expectations will consist of Respect yourself, respect other, and respect property. Respecting yourself can help you develop a strong sense of self respect that can assist you in developing into your full potential. You should know who you are, accept yourself, maintain a positive attitude, do not let others get to you, and forgive yourself. Respecting other will play a huge role in how others see you as well. Of course, there are a few people who do not deserve your respect, but you should always work towards treating people the way you would like to also be treated. You should be honest with people, do not insult one another, cause no harm, and do not steal from anyone. Respecting property would be the third behavior expectation. If you have ever had something taken away from you, one would know how it makes them feel when their property was not respected. Being able to sit something down and walk away and come back and it is still there. Respecting property should take place anywhere you are located. Respect other people’s property and respect the schools property will play a major role while in school and attending school functions. The expectation will be taught throughout the school year. The first two weeks of school these expectations will be part of the daily lesson plan each day. Teachers will be able to easily incorporate this lesson within their plan. After the second week the behavior expectations will be reviewed every Monday. The first week the students will be able to go around to different areas displaying the expectations for the School Wide Positive Behavior Support. The next weeks students will get
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