Valid Victorian Speech

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Good morning parents, guests, teachers, and fellow graduates, As time brings the school year to an end, it’s hard to believe that next year is so close by when only this year just began. Just when everything was becoming easy, there is a change and we have to start from the beginning again. This time it won’t be so difficult, for what st. Jean brebeuf taught us, prepared the way for the next year and the rest of our lives. This school has given us the courage to believe in ourselves and what we are capable of doing. We learned how to belong and how to adjust our lives by bringing out our full potential to become wiser also more confident. There have been times when obstacles came along, we get side tracked and decided to quit. But there is always a word of encouragement coming from somewhere. Either your parents, your teachers or maybe a friend, that could change your negativity into something good. We are not perfect or aim to be. We make mistakes. But the important thing is to believe in yourself and to correct what you did wrong so it doesn’t happen again. How else can you learn? Life is unpredictable so don’t try to change it. You cannot reach your goal without learning from your mistakes. Believe in yourself so others can believe in you! As we adapted and belonged, the school didn’t seem to be a place only to be educated but also a place to forget our problems and to enjoy the company of others. The teachers, whom we cannot pick favourites, were very much like friends. They have moulded our minds to the future. I will miss the staff at st. Jean brebeuf, from mr. Keezers bulllllllllllllllll dog announcements, mr. Svabodas encouragements to do the best we can, all the way to mr. Crooks yummy treats and tooth paste, inside his desk. If all the teachers were to be mentioned, this wouldn’t be a speech but a very long essay. As for the graduates, who have
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