Roles of Nursing

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Roles of the Professional Nurse Task 3 ROLES OF THE PROFESSIONAL NURSE 2 Promoting Interdisciplinary Care To focus on the interdisciplinary care, every staff member in the clinic must be in conjunction with each other. One of my job duties as a nursing supervisor would be to make sure that all staff members are striving for the same goals for the patient. Interdisciplinary care provides a formal and organized approach to patient care. Interdisciplinary care ensures that the multidisciplinary team and the patient’s family receive consistent and accurate information. Interdisciplinary care also increases the efficiency and safety of the patient's care. A way to promote interdisciplinary care is to hold staff meetings once a month. As the supervisor for the clinic the staff needs to be aware of available resources and changes in the clinic. If staff members are not present during these meetings then minutes of the meetings should be provided. The staff members of the clinic should sign off that they received the minutes and thus be informed. Another way to improve quality care would be to e-mail the interdisciplinary team weekly to make sure everyone is using all the resources. Delegation and Teamwork Approaching each member of the team must be equal and in a professional manner. No staff members should be singled out or scolded in any way. The most appropriate way to approach Ms. W, would be to address the team as a whole during rounds and monthly meetings. The roles and duties of FNP, LVN, nutritionist, social workers and registered nurses must be evaluated and understood by the all team members. Each member of the team must be educated on their scope of practices, roles in patient care, and resources to carry out their professional roles. Moreover, we know that Ms. W genuinely cares for the patient, but she may not want to admit that she needs help and that
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