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USE & DEVELOP SYSTEMS THAT PROMOTE COMMUNICATIONS 1, 1.1 – As a deputy manager to the service users we support I communicate with them on a regular basis, I also communicate with other professional bodies who are also helping with support to the service users. These include other managers, support workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapies, doctors, district nurses etc. I communicate with all the above verbally, by emails, and also by listening. I have to utilise different communication skills, when communicating with individuals. For example: I communicate with a social worker by talking to the interpreter and looking at the person in question by lip reading. I have to adapt my communication skills when meetings take place.…show more content…
You don’t always realise that others accent can affect your own way of speaking, this creates the biggest barrier to effective communication. Using strategies helps you to communicate effectively. E.g. * Speaking clearly and slowly Focus on speaking slowly, even if you are on a time limit; don’t rush through your communication. Miscommunication and misunderstanding can result in poor communication. • Clarification If you are not 100% sure you have understood what has been said always politely ask for clarification. Don’t assume you have understood what has been said this can cause frustration. • Check for understanding Frequently check you have understood each other and not assume * Be specific Always be specific with your expectations so you have been understood and what is expected. When completing the first assessment a support plan will be in place and clearly set out any obstacles by doing a risk…show more content…
• Manage a range of services to address the service user’s needs. • Develop personal skills with the service users, families etc. • Develop a skill base for staff to meet the needs of service users. • Recognise and utilise the other professional bodies to assist in the care packages • Make the best use of resources to care for more service users in a co-ordinated and cost effective way. Any contact we have with professional bodies is written in our incoming and outgoing monitor book; care plans are updated on a regular basis and implemented with any other suggestions from social workers, doctors, nurses etc. Communication is an essential part of the services users and the care we provide. Service users can be at risk if communication is not adhered to, they could deteriorate due to lack of communication or because the support worker is in a rush and is to busy to listen. Service user’s needs must always be met, communication is essential for the care to be carried out. We have senior meetings every month followed by staff meetings for all. These are documented at every meeting and changes can be made if

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